Everybody needs an editor. That is why Bonnee Crawford Editing offers professional editing services at an affordable price.

Whether you are handing out resumes or revising a novel, a professional editor can help you stand out by making sure your writing is clear, structured, and error-free.

Why do I need an editor?

When in doubt

Asking an editor to assist with your writing can help with everything from clarity and conciseness, to fixing typos and formatting issues.

Submitting a resume or short story without editing can lead to embarrassing mistakes. Why take that risk? Ask an editor!

Why choose Bonnee Crawford Editing?

Bonnee Crawford is a freelancer with a passion for editing, based in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne, Victoria. She believes in working closely with clients to ensure they receive editing services that meet their needs and expectations.

Bonnee Crawford does not just get the job done; she aims to provide high quality, personalised editing services for every client.

With eight years of editing experience across a variety of writing forms, Bonnee Crawford Editing has the knowledge and resources to improve your writing.